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You can build all the homeless shelters or housing facilities you want. You can give the homeless all the free clothing and food they can want. But that doesnt help solve the problem, and it sure as heck doesnt help get them off the streets. What that is doing is putting a BAND-AIDE over the wound. If you want the wound to heal, you have to use the right medication and medical treatment. That is what We Got Your Six is planning on doing with our transitional program. Below, you will read what OUR program has to offer to the veterans and their families. 

We Got Your Six is planning on having 3 ranches located in Texas. They will be located in San Antonio. Houston and Dallas. This will allow us to reach out and cover the whole state of Texas. We will teach the homeless veterans how to farm, grow, and harvest their own food. What we don’t use on the ranch will be taken to farmers markets and sold to help raise money for the organization. The homeless veterans will be responsible for all the repairs, maintenance, and care of the ranch. It’s how they will earn their keep and it gives them something to be proud of, a sense of accomplishment. While they are with us, we will help them rebuild their lives slowly. We have several programs that will help them along the way and we will be teaming up with several companies along the way to assist the veterans on their road to independence and living a life off the streets. We will be the backbone and support structure that a lot of these men and women don’t have.

 We plan on opening locations throughout the country so that we can help veterans all over the country. At We Got Your Six, NO VETERAN WILL STAND ALONE, REGARDLESS OF RACE, SEX, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, OR RELIGION. Never leave a fallen comrade. After having been homeless and seeing the problems first hand, I know some of the struggles these men and women face. 

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WE GOT YOUR SIX is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID # 47-4793766. All donations are tax deductible. 

2150 south central expressway #200, Mckinney, Texas 75070