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The idea behind Heroes Village is to purchase some property, which we do have a couple properties in mind. One is 52.84 acres and is only $177,050, but has lakes and ponds on it as well as its already had cattle and livestock on the property. This makes this property ideal for what we are wanting to accomplish. 

We will take the property and divide it into sections. One section will have solar powered tiny homes in it where the homeless veterans will live, this section will also have a trailer as a common room with television, computer lab, and other entertainment means. This section will also have a trailer that will be used for teaching classes as well as have offices for counselors to do their work there. We will also have a workshop, so people that have trade skills to share, can come and teach people their trade. 

Another section will have our hydroponic gardens, where the homeless veterans will grow their own food, helping make the property self sufficient. We will also be growing hay and wheat which will be used as a cash crop, so that we can help fund the facility without having to always rely on grants and donations. This is also one of the ways that the homeless veterans earn their stay in the program, so that we know they are serious about being in the program. 

Another section will have a barn, stable, round pens, and other things for our horses and cattle that we will use on the property as another income sources. The homeless veterans will be taking care of all the maintenance around the property and will be taking care of the livestock and horses. 

We will also have apiaries, so that we can have our own source of honey and bees wax that we will be able to sell as yet another form of income. 

All of these different parts of the program will be run by the homeless veterans with guidance and direction from the agricultural departments of the local colleges as well as locals that have agreed to help support We Got Your Six in our mission to help end veteran homelessness. In fact, once we secure the property, which we are looking for investors for, we have  a company willing to help sponsor 5 of the tiny homes for our village. 

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WE GOT YOUR SIX is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID # 47-4793766. All donations are tax deductible. 

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