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We are trying to raise the funds to purchase our 1st piece of property where we will house and employ the homeless veterans while they go through our program. We are asking all veterans who can help us to make a small donation toward our goal. If you want to learn more about We Got Your Six and our mission, visit and learn how you can help make a difference. Let’s show our homeless veterans that we still believe in them and support them.

If we can just find 10,000 people that would be willing to donate $50, we would be able to purchase the property and be able to take our first 40-50 homeless veterans off the streets. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you take Dallas and Collin County in Texas that had3,789 homeless where 1 in 3 is a veteran, 50 makes a difference.

But, just think about it this way. 50 homeless veterans being put back into the work force. 50 homeless veterans off the streets, men and women who fought for OUR country able to have roofs over their head and their families. 50 homeless veterans who can then help other homeless veterans to do the same thing they did. SO TOGETHER AS A MILITARY GROUP, we can help slow down the homeless veteran problem.

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When you shop at a portion of your purchase goes directly to We Got Your Six to help veterans facing homelessness.
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No matter how large or small all donations are welcomed and they do make a huge difference. Thank You!
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Anyone wanting to support our cause may either pay through the donate button above or checks may be made payable to:

We Got Your Six

9425 Rolater Road #127

Frisco, Texas 75035

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WE GOT YOUR SIX is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID # 47-4793766. All donations are tax deductible. 

2150 south central expressway #200, Mckinney, Texas 75070